Monday, October 13, 2008

Cube, Face, and Nas Collabo?

It's Monday people, get the fuck up! Yeah, I know, Monday is the most fucked up day of the week, but fuck it we gotta start somewhere. This is some news that should make the day a lil' easier. Lil' wayne, soulja boy, nelly, and shawty lo have all retired. Just fuckin wit ya, even though that would be great news! On the real the homies Scarface, Nas and Ice Cube are close to working on an album together. Nigga, straight up, no bullshit. Face is the shit, and Nas is the shit. Cube kinda let me down with a couple of his latest efforts but Face and Nas should bring out the best in him. Face has been that nigga for a long time. The stories he tells make me feel like I know him, like I'm there with him. Nas is Nas, one of the illest lyricists to ever do it. Cube makes the best diss records out of any MC, when Cube shits on you other people listen. Besides Detox, this is the one I'm waiting on. The homies could do a lot of justice to the hip hop game with this album, and the hip hop world needs it. I'm sick of these group efforts where there are two good MC'S and a nigga like lil' wayne fuckin it all up. For right now, thats all the info we have, but it's very close to being official. So, all you garbage ass rappers listen up and take notes, the homies are gettin ready to show you what the fuck hip hop is all about. Peace.


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