Thursday, October 30, 2008

Enough is Enough

Anyone who has been following Ignorance Inc probably knows I said some shit in an article last month about Beyonce making a bad choice to be with Jay Z because he's ugly. As you know, I keep it 100 so I wanna let you all know I was wrong for saying that, real talk. I've changed my viewpoint on them. The reason for the change of heart? Well, I've been on a few other blogs and the general consensus from a lot of women is that she is too pretty for Jay Z. I beg to differ. Since when is any woman on this planet too pretty for a nigga worth 350 million dollars? The real question is, what woman on this planet is worthy of marrying a nigga worth that much? Ok, beyonce is rich, but compared to Jay Z she's not. Jay is the prize here, not beyonce. Shit, he could find a woman way better than beyonce with no problem. However, beyonce would be hard pressed to find a nigga who's that rich and willing to marry her. Hell, if I was worth anywhere near that much, an over rated bitch like her would have to set an appointment just to suck my dick, straight up. She wouldnt look good enough for me, I dont give a fuck how ugly I was! I gotta respect a nigga who handles his business and earns like he does, even tho I dont particularly care for him that much. These hoes out here got the game all fucked up. I know homie aint easy to look at, but we need to start holdin these dumb hoes accountable for the shit they say. Fuck a dumb bitch, Jay can do better than fuckin marryin a bitch who's basically an overpaid tittie dancer. Too pretty my ass. She needs to be makin sure when he comes home she's on her knees waitin to suck the skin off his dick! Hows that for too pretty, stupid ass bitches. Peace.


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