Thursday, October 16, 2008

Busta Rhymes - Arab Money

Please tell me you've heard this new shit by Bussa Bus called Arab Money. This is some classic funny shit if you ask me. Since the song has come out, Bussa has received negative press, mainly from Arab Americans. So muthafuckin what, Arabs have been mocking Black people for God knows how long, so if they're angry, fuck 'em. You see, every fuckin thing is funny when it's directed at Black People. But, when a muthafucka shits on some other race of people, then there's a problem. The shit is funny to me, even though it ain't the best sounding song. Whoever is singing the hook did a great job imitating Arabic music, a great fuckin job! Its about time someone rode on another race besides Blacks. We shit on each other every day continuously, and nobody gives a fuck. But now, a rapper has insulted Arab Americans and they don't like it. Well guess what, welcome to the fuckin club niggas! Arabs should be glad a nigga even made a song referring to their money. At least he didnt make a song about blowing up some shit, did he. I'm feelin you on this one, Busta. Ignorance Inc is feelin you. Hip hoppers are feelin you. Arab teenagers mock Blacks every day, listening to Tupac, wearing big jewelry, hip hop clothing, and callin each other niggas. Fuck that, if they can mock us, we can mock them too. Nigga, we want some muthafuckin Arab money, habibi! We want some gas stations and coney islands too, habibi. To my Arab homies, I know you ain't trippin because right is right, fuck that. We have made enough songs shittin on Blacks, so fuck it, niggas should start makin songs shittin on other races. We are all equal right? Hell yeah we are, so we should all be talked about equally. Feel me? I know you do. Peace.


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