Thursday, October 16, 2008

Plies - Are You Fuckin Serious?

Man, all I can say is GOD DAMN! Besides having absolutely no talent, this is one ugly ass, monkey ass lookin nigga! Wow, I never thought I would see the day when it would be considered cool to look like this! I couldn't make a face like that if I drank some fuckin motor oil! Just look at the nigga's nostrils and lips dog! God shitted on this nigga real hard, straight up. The nigga looks like he's been takin haymakers from Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali for 15 rounds, but this is how he normally looks! On top of being naturally ugly, look at all the bullshit he has on his neck and in his mouth! You ever heard of NY Oil? If you haven't, check him out in the you tube video box on the right. This Plies nigga is the type of muthafucka he's shittin on. I thought Jay Z was the true pinnacle of ugliness, but homie right here is on his ass like the police on Pacman Jones! Man, Im callin this nigga's momma on him for lookin like that. On another note, tune in tomorrow, Ignorance Inc is doing something new, the monthly Faggot Alert. You'll be surprised to find out which so called ballers and tough guys like penises in their ass. Fuck Plies. Peace.


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