Monday, October 13, 2008

The D.N.O.Y. Award

Yo, Ignorance Inc is getting ready to prepare an award for some of the hip hoppers out there, so I'm gonna need your participation. The award is the D.N.O.Y. award. The first annual Dumb Nigga of the Year Award. This award goes to the nigga who has done or said the dumbest shit this year. You know, the nigga who has money but keeps fuckin gettin caught with weed and drugs in their car. The nigga who fucks with trick bitches who call themselves celebrities, and the nigga who starts hip hop beefs with niggas he cannot compete with. Like I said, I'm gonna let you decide who wins this award, but I'm leanin towards Young Jeezy for this one. The nigga keeps BMF in his mouth on his albums, which is dumb as fuck. He supports John McCain, which is dumb as fuck. He tried to discredit Nas because Nas said hip hop is dead. Young Cheezy may not win it, that's all up to the readers, but he's getting the first nomination from me for sure, followed by lil wayne, and T.I. Sorry Tip, but the machine gun shit was just flat out dumb. But these are the criteria I want you to use when you vote. All you have to do is come to this article when you visit this site, and leave your vote in the comments section or the chat box on the right side. The winner will be picked at the beginning of December. I know that leaves a whole month for niggas to do or say some more dumb shit, but it's based off of a cumulative effort, all the dumb shit they've done for the entire year added together. So, let the games begin! Get at us and let us know who gets the D.N.O.Y. award in your opinion. Oh yeah, tune in later this evening, we got some dope shit called "Bedtime Story" for you. Peace.


Anonymous said...

sorry mayne I've never heard of him.

Steven Falls said...

yeah, ur right fuck jeezy

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