Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sambo Time

Yo, Thrash here with some more coonery type shit fa ya. Just look at these fuckin sambo ass niggas right here. And tomorrow is halloween, but dont get it twisted, this is how these bitch ass niggas normally dress. I dont know which one looks worse. In an interview in the ATL earlier this week, Soulja bitch was asked what historical figure he hated the most. His response was typical of a dumb nigga. The nigga said "shout out to the slave masters, without them we would still be in Africa, we wouldnt be here to get this ice and tattoos." That is the definition of an ignorant bitch ass nigga. And T Pain looks like the fuckin court jester with his cockwatchin ass. If these two niggas dont have a slave mentality I dont know who does. T Pain looks like he was paid by some rich white racist to entertain on a plantation, and Soulja boy has his pants on backwards because he is a backwards ass, young bitch nigga. Fuck outta here. Peace.


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