Tuesday, October 7, 2008

T.I. - What's Up, What's Happenin'

Yo, Thrash here, Ignorance Inc, realest hip hop site on the internet. Southern hip hop has been getting a bad rap from the real hip hop heads for a while, and rightfully so. Even though most of the Southern MC's don't have much to say in general, T.I. is one of the few who gets a pass. The new joint is hot, I feel you Tip, fuck a hater. When you got skills and a nigga hates, then it's hatin. If you don't have skills and niggas is hatin, you deserve it. I'm not sayin all of Tip's music is the shit, but he's got a good track record so far. Most Southern MC's have no original content, no flow, and basically no skills. Yeah I said it, so all you lil wayne fans, soulja boy fans, and shawty lo fans can eat a dick. As a matter of fact eat two or three dicks, feel me? I do wonder how Tip beat the gun charges, but that's another story. The fucked up thing is, 50 cent just called Tip a snitch. 50's words don't hold any weight anymore though, so it doesnt mean shit. Plus, who the fuck is Curtis to call anyone a snitch? That nigga put out a restraining order on Ja Rule and hangs around the police, so go figure. Keep doin your thing, Tip. I aint really feelin the whatever you like joint, but we all know you gotta make somethin for the hoes so they dont feel left out. Notice I said hoes, because a hoe is always lookin for a handout. Real women handle their biz with or without a nigga. Shake the haters off, Tip, they're just doin their job. This is Ignorance Inc, no on can do it better. Peace.


Anonymous said...

as far as the south goes they ain't shit, I hate lil' wayne, soulja gay boy n' dem bitches but there are folks from the south makin' good music, Outkast god some good shit and you should really check out the The CunninLynguists if you haven't, espeically songs like Doin Alright, KKKY, Gun, Mic Like a Memory, Beatiful girl(it ain't a song about/for the women)...hell just get their albums and enjoy(I think it's 3 albums and an EP)...haters can eat a fat dick...

Steven Falls said...

you are pretty much right. bro, southern rappers aint my cup of tea at all, i gonna check for those records homie, come holla at us again, keep it 100. Peace.

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