Wednesday, October 8, 2008

East Coast VS. The South

This is a subject that I would like you to comment on. It seems there is a beef brewing between East coast hip hop artists and Southern hip hop artists. I think it stems from the fact that the southern cats started getting a lot of recognition and attention from the media. So of course, some of the east coast artists took offense to that. Now first of all I would like to say every demographic area has good MC's and shitty MC's. Second, I would like to say that this beef is no competition at all. The only cats in the south that can hold their own weight are Scarface, Outkast, T.I., Luda, and Young Buck. That's it. The east has too many talented niggas for the south to battle, simple and plain. You got Jay Z, Nas, Jadakiss, and a whole slew of east coast MC's that would crush any MC from the south outside of the ones I mentioned. Lil wayne, soulja boy, Young Joc, shawty lo, Jeezy vs. east coast? Just one of the top east coast homies would smash all these wack niggas at one time! Now I like some southern hip hop, but not much. I mean, half the time these niggas are talking about shit that high school niggas are into, not grown ass men. Who gives a fuck about your old ass chevy on 22's? Who gives a fuck about a fuckin grill in your mouth, that's niggerdom type shit. These niggas actually mix NyQuil and liquor and get drunk off the shit! Sippin on some sizzurp? That type of shit is completely wack, and it is only accepted by southerners. The reason these niggas are so simple minded is because for the most part country niggas are slower than northern niggas, I'm sorry. I was in Alabama last year, and I asked one of the local niggas where I could get some Moet. The nigga didnt even know what the fuck it was! When I finally came across a bottle, these niggas acted like I was rich! A year later, one of my homies who lives there said all the niggas that saw me drinkin Moet are drinkin the shit like water now. Southern folks are very easily influenced as you can see. Not all of them, but the majority of them do whatever they think is hip. How else can you explain Master P coming out with 100 bullshit albums and making 300 million? Don't get me wrong, P is a great businessman, but his products were straight garbage. He got rich because southern niggas just wanted something they could call their own, and plus most of them can't keep up with lyrics from most east coast MC's. Real lyrics are like chinese math to most of these dudes. They just are not mentally equipped to understand what is being said, so a simple, slow ass nigga like shawty lo or Jeezy appeals to them. They can follow this type of music, it goes at their speed. Well, thats my take on the east coast southern beef. Feel free to leave your comments and opinions, I would like to know what you think about this whole thing. Peace.


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