Monday, October 27, 2008

T Pain "Blogging is not Gangsta"

Yo, Thrash here, Ignorance Inc, ya know what it is. The first video of T Pain is pretty long so I wouldnt suggest watching the whole thing, but in the first 2 minutes he basically says blogging and making comments on videos is not gangsta. OK, and? Who the fuck said blogging is gangsta? I guess he's been reading some of the blogs that aint feelin him, so thats his response. Blogging isnt meant to be gangsta, lets get that straight first. Its a way of expressing your opinion and reporting interesting news, like T Pain talking about Ray J's penis size (second video), and all the beautiful women he wouldnt fuck. What nigga on earth wouldnt fuck alicia keys? A gay one, thats who. Im sure she aint tryin to fuck this monkey ass nigga anyway. True, you can find shit to do thats more gangsta than blogging, but talkin about another niggas dick size is not one of them, Mr Pain. I guess he thought because he said "no homo" he's excused. No nigga, you were looking at the niggas dick bro, no homo. I've seen quite a few porno movies in my life, but I've never been compelled to comment on the size of the niggas dicks in the movie, ever. Singing isnt exactly gangsta either, so what the fuck is this ugly nigga's point? He said someone commented on a blog about him and lil wayne being gay. Well, that is a valid argument considering the fact that he was watching the Kim Kardashian Ray J sex tape and paid attention to the size of Ray J's dick, and commented on it. He didnt say anything about Kim Kardashian's big juicy ass ( oh, in the second video he said he wouldnt fuck her either), he said "Ray J got big meat, he got a foot on him." That is a fag like comment, Mr Pain. Given this fact, if I ever run into this package watcher in a public restroom, I will not piss next to him. That is also a valid argument for lil wayne, kissing niggas on their lips and wearing lip rings. The bottom line is, niggas dont call you a fag if you dont engage in faggot-like activity. A real man will never, ever comment on another niggas dick size, and a real man will never kiss another man's lips, straight up. He's right, blogging isnt gangsta. But guess what, if I had to compare blogging to cockwatching and kissing men, blogging is definitely more gangsta as long as you're not blogging about niggas penises and kissing men. Its a necessary evil and someone has to do it. I mean, how else would you find out that T Pain is interested in the size of Ray J's dick? That type of info isnt gonna be in the daily newspaper, but you can find it here, feel me? Im sure Mr Pain wouldnt have a problem if all the bloggers were complimenting him. Sorry, bruh, thats not how it works. Do some fag shit, Ignorance Inc will exploit you, simple and plain. My suggestion to Mr Pain would be to stop hangin out with niggas who kiss other niggas, stop commenting on the penis sizes of other men, and stop mentioning all the fine ass bitches he wouldnt fuck, and no one will call him a fag. Oooops! Too late! Once a faggot, always a faggot. Keep it gangsta. Peace.


gamalam said...


Except, I wouldn't fuck Alicia Keys either. I mean, she's a lot tighter now that Hollywood got their hands on her, but I'm still tripping on her original "Fallin'" look where she was rocking Method Man-like rapper hands in the video. The woman looked like a man then. I'd always have flashbacks of that and it would creep me out. She's still too boyish for me, even with lipstick and a dress on.

Ignorance Inc said...

really? everyone has their opinion, i can respect that, and she was boyish lookin back then. But homeboy kinda went in the wrong direction, feel me? I dont wana hear about how he wouldnt fuck a woman but would conversate about a niggas dick, you know?

gamalam said...


Yeah man, I remember seeing that shit when it first popped up on the 'net, thinking... "this dude is not quite right in the head."

I'm surprised no one has really aired him out about that. It is probably because he stays in pocket though. He isn't ridiculous about his status yet. Plus he's a threat to... no one. He isn't taking anyone's spot. He makes urban pop music. He's pretty much the only one in that category that can say he writes his own songs.

But yeah, he can gtfohwtbs. My jaw dropped when I heard him mention that Ray J noise.

Keep it coming, doggy. I'm pointing folks over this way on the regular.

Steven Falls said...

good look bruh

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