Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This is Ludacrith!

Mike Tythin may be in thum trouble. He thed he fears for his life because of the enemies he's made over the years. This is fuckin ludacrith Mike! We all love Mike Tythin! It is alleged that Mike paid $50,000 to put a hit on a dude that killed his former bodyguard. The man he put the hit on is thuppothedly Lil Kim's exth boyfriend. Man, that shit is ludacrith. Mike used to be a knockout specialith, now he's a murderith? Thay it aint tho Mike! I think they're lying on Mike. Just let me know where these niggas are at Mike, and I will go eat their kids for brefith. They hatin on Mike cuz he was the most powerfulleth boxer on the planet at one time, and he went on a bad streak. Y'all niggas better leave Mike Tythin alone before I come buth y'all niggas ath! Fuckin ludacrith ath niggas. Peath.


gamalam said...

You's a gawd damn fool for this one. LMAO!

Steven Falls said...

Yeah, that one was fun bruh. Had more fun writing that silly shit than any other ones.

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