Thursday, October 2, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

Yo, Thrash here, Ignorance Inc, you know already. Its actually gettin kinda late so I'll make this quick. The word for today is.........(drumroll please) decisions. Why is this the word for today? Because life is all about the decisions you make. A good decision can put you on top of the world. Of course, hard work is key even when you make a great decision. A bad decision can have you sitting at the bottom of the pile for a long, long time. We will never know the real reasons behind the decisions people make, but maybe it really ain't worth the time thinking about the shit, you know? We can lead someone to the water, but ultimately they have to decide to drink. Then again, it's all about the people who influence your decisions. Sometimes we know from the beginning who's out for our best interest, but yet we let someone who has another motive influence our decisions. I've learned through many experiences that females are the biggest factor in influencing the decisions men make. You can give your homie the best advice in the world, but he may not listen because there's a woman giving him advice in his other ear, and if she's fucking him you can stop wasting your breath. Same with women, most of the time they aint gonna listen to their girl, they will listen to the nigga fucking them. Funny how the shit really works, huh? Behind door number one you have unlimited opportunity, and with some hard work you can get where you want to go. Behind door number two, you have a lifetime of bullshit problems that you didn't create and cannot change. Thats an easy decision to make, right? Maybe for some, but not for all. Some of us open door number two anyway, even when we know what awaits us. Personally, I say fuck door number two and whatever is behind it. I've even tried to catch a few of my homies before they walk through door number two, but you know what happened every single time? I had to pull my hand away before it got slammed in the door. Decisions are a part of every day life, you have to make them whether right or wrong. It's ok to be wrong if you don't know, but when you make a decision that you know is wrong, whatever happens just happens. Are you going to drive across the city for that bag of weed when you know your license is not right? Are you going to finish the work you need to finish, or blow the shit off until tomorrow? Are you going to listen to the people who want to see you do good, or the one who wants you to do good so they can ride your coattails when and if you get your big break? Are you going to try working for yourself, or be satisfied making another nigga rich? Are you going to let a muthafucka drag you down, knowing they are dead weight, or are you going to cut them loose so you can progress. Are another muthafuckas problems more important than yours? If it came down to it, would you choose pussy and problems over money and prosperity? Some of us make the right decisions, some do not. The shit seems simple to you and me, but it seems that it isnt so simple for others. Sometimes, the people who influence our decisions are out for our best interest. Sometimes they are not, they may just need another person to make bad decisions with them so they are not alone. They may have other motives for giving you advice. Personally, I listen to the people who are doing better than me, because I can learn something from them. They are usually the people that will help you make a good decision. The people who have self created problems are not good to listen to. The only shit they can advise me on is what not to do. But fuck it, we live and learn. Some of us just have to make bad decisions and learn the hard way. This is Ignorance Inc, listen and learn. Peace.


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