Monday, November 10, 2008

Detroit Hip Hop - Stryfe da Phantom

Yo, I want to take a second to show some love to one of the homies I fucks wit in the D, Stryfe Da Phantom. My most vivid memory of this cat (he aint dead or nothin)is being in downtown Detroit, Hart Plaza. There was a lil open mic competition sponsored by Black Planet, and Stryfe was matched up against one of those watered down niggas from the Cardi Boyz or something. You know, niggas who rap about rims, cars, glasses, clothes, and all types of irrelevant bullshit. My manz here shitted on the nigga, diarrhea style, the crowd went wild. His final punchline was some shit about breakin the niggas glasses while he slappin his face or some shit. Hilarious shit. You had to be there to understand. Shit, come to think of it, I aint heard shit from none of them wack ass niggas since stryfe deaded homeboy. Anyway, this is real Detroit hip hop. Stryfe da Phantom. Peace.


illingsworth said...

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