Friday, November 7, 2008

BMF Hummer Limo Surprise

A Hummer limo owned by BMF was auctioned off 4 years ago and sold 3 more times after that. Yeah, 5 bucks a gallon will make a nigga get rid of this gas abusing vehicle. What does it get, like a half a mile per gallon? Anyway, this past August the feds debriefed several members of BMF and found out there was $875,000 dollars hidden in the Hummer. The feds promptly tracked down the car, and recovered the money. I know whoever had ownership of this ride during that time is kicking their own ass for not looking. Nigga, if I bought a fuckin Hummer limo seized from BMF, I would have searched that muthafucka as soon as I got to the corner. The four owners of this truck are surely sick as hell if they heard about this. $875,000 dollars under your fuckin nose, and all you had to do was search the car after you bought it. Fuck this, Im goin to find out if they have any other cars that were seized!


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