Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Big "O"

Yo, I just wana take a second to show some love to the biggest homie of all, Barack Obama. You gotta respect a brotha with as much courage as Barack. Get out there and vote, real talk. The racists are getting sicker by the minute, and all they can do is insult him and say hes a socialist. Like I said in an earlier article, anyone who votes for McCain is either too rich to give a fuck, or they are a racist, simple and plain. Some of them seem to think he should be president because he experienced being a prisoner of war. That was his choice to enlist in the service, so I dont feel the least bit sorry for this old broke down ass nigga. What about all the years of slavery Blacks went through? Its time for power to change hands, because racist white people have been fuckin shit up for years. A bank bailout? Nigga seriously? Black people cant get a fuckin break to save their lives, but as soon as a billionaire white thief doesnt make his usual billion dollars per year, he gets bailed out. Complete bullshit. Now the auto companies want a bailout. The banks are the same bitches who contributed to shit falling apart and our racist ass government bails them out. When are the consumers who've been hammered over the head gonna get a bailout? Like I said, shout out to an intelligent and brave brotha for not backin down. Fuck John McCain, fuck the banks, fuck the auto companies and the government who bails these bitches out. Them bitches had their chances, and more than enough of them. Its time for change. Barack, we salute you brotha. We also salute his wife Michelle, soon to be the most beautiful, intelligent first lady in history. Peace.


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