Monday, November 3, 2008

Lil Wayne Explains Lip Piercing

Yo, here's the high school kids favorite fag rapper, Lil Wayne, talking about why he got his lip pierced. It looks like whoever is interviewing him interrupted his little heroin party. On top of that, this coked out nigga said people are gonna start getting lip rings because of him. News Flash - Wayne, fags have been wearing this type of shit for a long time. You are just a faggot rapper who has joined a very long list of faggots who wear lip rings. Did your daddy say it was ok to get that done? Or even worse, did he encourage you to get it done? Somebody needs to send this nigga to detox immediately. He says here that it doesnt mean anything, people think everything is supposed to mean something. When you snort up 5 pounds of coke every fuckin day, a lot of other shit doesnt mean anything, like your music, mumblin ass fag nigga.


Anonymous said...

Get off lil Wayne's nuts! Why do you care what he does if you don't like him, people just hate cuz he's gettin his money while y'all broke ass niggas sit on the damn couch all day wishing you could be him.

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