Friday, November 7, 2008

What the Fuck?

I almost earled after seein this disgustin shit. Its one thing to be fat, but its a whole different problem when muthafuckas start glamorizing the shit. This bitch makes a rap song about big bitches, and then shows the world her disgusting body. Come on Black people, this type of shit is highly unacceptable in any way shape or form. Thats that foolish pride for you. She cant possibly think that garbage hangin off her body is attractive. Ever seen those pictures of a half human and half horse? Well, this is more like half human, half water buffalo! Girl, get your fuckin disgustin ass on a treadmill for like 4 months straight, 24 hours per day, then you can take a 20 minute break, and hit it again for 4 more months. Stop makin muthafuckas throw up showing off that bullshit. And stop makin songs glamorizing obesity.


gamalam said...

Dog... why'd you set me up for this? I thought we were cool!

This is so wrong. I officially hate you, Mr. Hatrix. LOL

Ay, check out your brother site, fresh on the scene: Hater Central.

Ignorance Inc said...

I tried to warn you, but shit I couldnt be the only nigga out here throwin up off this shit. The Hater Central Blog has a lot of potential, I can fucks wit it

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