Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nelly Disses Ice T

Yo, check out this video of superfag Nelly, shittin on Ice T, defending Soulja Boy. Bitches of a feather flock together, nah mean?

Ice T needs to look in the mirror? No you bitch ass nigga, you need to look in the mirror. You helped start all this wack ass shit that invades the hip hop world today. You helped inspire other wack ass niggas like soulja boy to do what they do. Nelly and Soulja fag make dance music for women, not hip hop. The reason Nelly is defending soulja bitch is because when he first hit the hip hop scene, Nelly was soulja bitch. Niggas swear up and down when they start lifting weights they are hard all of the sudden. Any nigga who can make pussy music like this faggot is nowhere near hard and should keep his mouth shut. Nelly defending soulja boy is like Rupaul defending Richard Simmons. Fuck Nelly, I dont give a fuck if he is fuckin Ashanti. That hoe is played out just like Nelly. He has the nerve to call his album brass knuckles. He should really call it "I'm a bitch ass nigga." Fuck Nelly and Soulja boy. There aint no place for hoe niggas like this in hip hop, real talk. Peace.


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