Monday, November 10, 2008

Phony Yayo Speaks

Yo, one of the fakest dicksuckin niggas in the game has spoken again. This time Yayo is shittin on Young Buck, sayin hes fake, he owes 50 3 more albums, and his career is over. Im sorry, but this niggas credibility is and has always been bullshit. I cant fuck wit a nigga who sucks another niggas dick like yayo does 50. Regardless of his financial situation, I respect Buck for not being this nigga 50's bitch, like Phony Yayo. Phony Yayo and Down syndrome Lloyd have become very comfortable in their respective roles. Beyond that, a nigga this wack should never release a rap album, ever. He also accuses Buck of eating pussy on tour. Im thinking hes talkin about Olivia. Ok, that aint a good look but suckin a niggas dick for a paycheck is something only faggot ass niggas do. I dont give a fuck how much he's payin this garbage ass nigga. Phony also says that if he runs into game or buck on the streets its gonna be a problem. Nigga shut the fuck up, jus cuz you slap a 15 year old kid doesnt mean anyone is worried bout you. Honestly I just cannot stand 50 cent or his G unit faggot buddies. These niggas whole swag is based around their money. Then he goes on to say how he doesnt talk shit on videos and blogs about other niggas, but here his punk ass is doing exactly that. Man, please disappear Yayo, you are straight doo doo nigga.


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