Monday, November 10, 2008

Diddy Acts Like a Bitch Again

Whas good, homies? My favorite bitch ass nigga has showed his true colors again. He paid a designer to decorate a New York mansion for his birthday celebration. As always, Diddy's bitch ass wanted the designer to bend over backwards (or frontwards) for him because it was a joint celebration of Baracks presidential win, and diddys birthday. Of course the work wasnt to this faggot nigga's liking, so he told his assistant to get the money back from the designer, and tore the fabric off of the walls. That doesnt sound like a nigga worth 300 million, that sounds like a spoiled ass bitch to me. The designer supposedly gave back 2 grand of the money diddy gave him. Man, I would have spit on this nigga and proceeded to whip his muthafuckin ass jus because. Niggas kill me actin like they can treat another person any way they feel like it because they are rich. I would love to catch this nigga by himself, shit would be real ugly, straight up.


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