Saturday, November 8, 2008

D.N.O.Y. Award - Katt Williams

We may have another nominee for the Dumb nigga of the year Award. Kitty Katt Williams recently arrived an hour late for a recent show, because he was arrested. Mr Williams vehicle didnt have any plates on it, and he had 3 guns in the car in plain sight. When Kitty Katt was called to the car, he admitted the car was his and was arrested. First the BET Awards tantrum, now this. This lil ass nigga needs to start treading very lightly. Hes a mediocre comedian at best, wears a fucking perm, and has an attitude. That is a recipe for "falling the fuck off" crumbcake. This lil unfunny ass nigga gets his hair done like a woman at a fuckin beauty salon, cracks a few bullshit ass jokes, and thinks he's a megastar. Nigga please. Homie has like one or two more fuck ups and his lil ass is outta here. In the words of the great Nino Brown, I never liked you anyway, pretty muthafucka.


Lady Di said...

The front license plate was missing - ONLY. Not that it matters, "I'm just sayin'..."

Ignorance Inc said...

I hear you mama, im just sayin if you got 3 guns sittin in plain sight, everything else better be right, license plates, CCW, all that shit, nah mean? thanks for visiting the site hun.

Lady Di said...

They're possibly his bodyguards guns used to protect him. It wasn't drugs or alcohol. I'm not seeing a problem here. Maybe I missed something as the license plate is not their responsibility IF they are rental vehicles. And if they are his personal transports, still not an issue if his state only requires ONE plate. I'm lost after that and only see people jumping to confusing conclusions. Only thing I can say is I hope his prints are not on the guns, for his sake.

Steven Falls said...

This is Katt Williams we're talking about, there were no drugs or alcohol because he had already smoked and drank it all. You gotta be aware of this type of shit. He knows a rental should have plates. Also if the guns were his bodyguards guns, why were the guns not being carried, just sitting in the car? Guns aint no good if you dont have them on you, feel me?

Ignorance Inc said...

Im just sayin the nigga is a lil dickhead basically Di, i know u feel me on that.

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