Sunday, November 9, 2008

Trick Trick "Hold On" (Produced by Dr Dre)

Uhmmmm.....Dr Dre supposedly did this beat, supposedly. I hope trick trick didnt pay much for this one, cuz its obviously an "ok nigga quit bothering me" beat. Dre, next time just tell the nigga you aint home, you aint interested, or both. This is runny boo boo with peanuts in it, considering all the dope shit Dre has made. Man, young berg may even be laughing at this one. On second thought, no he aint.


gamalam said...

I don't know what you're hearing, homey. On my system, this joint is hard.

I don't believe that Dre really did this though. I give Trick Trick for getting the hook-up to slide his name on a production credit though!

Yeah, that beat is nice.

NIC NOTION said...

The beat aint the greatest, but its aight, and them some of the coldest lyrics and delivery I ever heard comin from Trick Trick. kinda impressed.

Ignorance Inc said...

I never liked this dude trick trick as far as rap goes. This beat will pass for decent from a lot of producers, but not Dre. This is some shit dre just gave this nigga so he could say dre hooked him up. It jus seems like producers give niggas a beat according to their skill level, or how much they like the artist. After hearin this, i dont think dre thinks too highly of homeboy, neither do I. If dre gave me some shit like this, i would be disappointed, but to each his own. This shit gets no play in my ride, jus aint my type of joint at all.

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