Sunday, November 9, 2008

JD & Bow Wow - New Jack City 2

Man, I'm still having a hard time grasping the fact that Janet Jackson let this weasel lookin nigga get some of that ass! Calling Bow Wow's album New Jack City 2? Fuck outta here! Bow Wow isnt gangster, and JD isnt either, so what if Janet gave him some ass. You know how weird the Jacksons are, aint no tellin why she fucked JD. But, at any rate, he referred to Bow Wow as G money. I agree with the bow wow g money comparison, but nigga you aint nowhere near Nino Brown. Go open a bottle with them raggedy ass teeth or something.


NIC NOTION said...

wow thats a wack ass nigga, not that I didnt already know that, but I just forgot about the nigga. So excuse me while I proceed to forget about him again. Oh and who keeps there records out of the sleves like that?

Ignorance Inc said...

a nigga who doesnt sell records anymore. he may as well donate them bitches to a nigga whos gonna make good use of them.

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