Friday, November 7, 2008

Kelis Sex Tape?

Nas, will you please learn how to handle your hoes, please? This type of shit is what leads to your credibility being fucked up bruh. First it was your baby mama who fucked Jay Z, and told the whole world his dick was bigger than yours. And Jay Z aired you out again on "The Takeover." Now, some unknown rapper named infared is claiming that he has a sex tape with Kelis. Wendy Williams big mouth ass was just hinting around last month about a rapper who's wife made a recent sex tape. On top of that, dude is supposedly on the tape saying "handle your muthafuckin business. I got your bitch here, she's getting naked." If that shit aint grounds for divorce I dont know what is. Homie Nas is starting to get a bad rep for fuckin with bullshit hoes and gettin aired out. Man, the nigga definitely needs to make wiser decisions. And as for infared, no nigga we aint buyin your album even if you did fuck this hoe, who gives a fuck. We might buy the sextape tho!


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