Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jay Z "History" did I know this nigga was going to do something like this? Im happy for Obama just as we all are, but I definitely could have done without this one. I understand the message, but could this nigga have picked a shittier beat? Jesus Christ, Obama wins the election and this is what the fuck the self proclaimed best rapper alive came up with? This type of shit is the reason I dont really care for this dude half of the time. This song fucking sucks dicks with herpes on the tip. He has way more skills than this, but he's just one of these arrogant niggas who thinks they can rap over a horseshit beat and we will still listen just because its him. Fuck that, not at Ignorance Inc. Im not accepting this boo boo from Jay. Go back and make a better song for the first Black President. Barack said change nigga. And Jay should have changed his mind about releasing this garbage. If all the money has made you this lazy, just fuckin retire again then. And dont fuckin come back until you are ready to go to work nigga.


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