Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lil Cease Trains Havoc

Yo, check this shit out right here. Lil Cease, hip hop's human punching bag, is training Havoc of Mobb Deep in the gym. Why does this just not sound right? Basically because Lil Cease is notorious for either getting his ass whipped, or running from a nigga thats about to whip his ass. Havoc, arent you the least bit embarrassed about being trained by a former member of the Junior Whopper Click? On top of that, niggas out here act like muscles make you a better fighter or something. If you cant fight without muscles then your ass aint gonna be able to fight with them. Hopefully Havoc is jus doin it for the looks, cuz this glass joe ass nigga Cease couldnt pay me to train me. Last time I even heard his name he was runnin from some nigga named Maino after he got punched in his shit. Nigga better spend some time in the boxing ring instead of beefin up so much, cuz we all know it looks real fucked up when a muscle headed nigga gets his ass beat, ala Kimbo Slice.


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