Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Prodigy Calls Out Jay Z

In a recent interview from jail, P accused Jay Z of siding with the evil illuminati. Prodigy says his eyes were opened years ago when he read a book by Dr. Malachi Z entitled Leviathan 666. The book basically exposes the government and I.R.S. as total scams. He says in his interview that Jay Z is aware of these secret societies but chooses to side with them to gain corporate acceptance and fame. Jay Z has refused to respond to P's accusations, so P has vowed to go at Jay Z relentlessly, hoping to expose him and other sellout artists. Personally, Hov aint my favorite person, he just doesnt seem authentic or trustworthy even though he has some skills on the mic. I dont know if it's gonna happen today ,tomorrow, or next year but I think Jay is gonna get exposed very soon. P may be the cat to do it. For all of you out there who think the illuminati is not real, you need to wake the fuck up. That shit exists, its in your face every day, just start paying attention. Peace.


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