Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bedtime Story

There once was a dumb ass white dude named george. He protected the rich and stole from the poor. See george was a fuck up all of his life, but he still ended up in a big house that was white. George loved to party at the Bohemian Grove, with devilish white men with no clothes and no hoes. There was a big flood and george didnt react, people died in packs but fuck them, they were black. George started wars for no reason at all, we all knew he himself made the towers fall. He sent soldiers to Iraq in search of nuclear guns, how many did he find? Not even one. He went to Iraq in search of oil, terrorizing defenseless people on their own soil. George threatened everyone, including the chinese, but they werent buying it as they said "nigga please." George made gas expensive, a gallon was 5 bucks, but george was rich so he didnt give a fuck. George wasnt going to war, he just sent others, creating more and more childless mothers. He bailed out banks while keeping consumers poor, he fucked up til the day he walked out of the white house door. See george knew that he really wasnt shit, he was only in the game cuz his family was rich. Even georges dad knew he would fail, his son snorted coke and drank too much ale. Mommy knew also her son wasnt shit, he was a complete failure ever since he came out of her slit. People voted for george, what the fuck were they thinking? Maybe before they voted, they had been drinking. Many people suffered, many asked why. Cuz george was a dumb ass white dude who like to get high. In January 2009, the people let out a sigh, the time had come to tell this bitch goodbye. Goodnight.


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