Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lil' Niggas

I was wondering what the fuck the big deal is with all these lil' niggas? Lil' bow wow, lil' wayne, lil' romeo, lil' scrappy, lil' john, lil' flip, what the fuck? Why does everyone want to be a lil' muthafucka? This is dickbiting at it's finest! Some dumb ass nigga sees a few punk muthafuckas with lil' before their name and now he wants to be a lil' nigga too! And these so called lil' niggas are grown ass men. When I was young I always wanted to be a big nigga, not a lil' nigga. That's one of the problems with hip hop today, too many lil' niggas. A better term would be lil' bitch ass niggas. I haven't come across one rapper that I liked who had lil' in front of their name. Its because all these niggas are simple minded follower ass niggas! And they actually are lil' ass niggas, all weighing in under 150. Lil' bitches! When are the fucking followers going to get the picture? Where is the originality? Teenagers are fucking up the game severely! These young niggas need to keep their fucking heads in their school books, and hopefully they do attend school! Uneducated niggas in the rap game leads to garbage ass music, limited vocabularies, and an overall garbage ass product. It also leads to more money for the record companies, because 90% of these stupid ass kids are getting ripped off if they do get a chance to be in the spotlight. I mean, who the fuck in their right mind wants to be like lil' wayne? The teenagers actually follow this animated, high, ugly ass nigga! Dont get me wrong, when you're young there's a lot of shit you don't know, but the new generation has to be the dumbest group of muthafuckas ever! You know, niggas who spend 300 dollars on some Bathin ape shoes because lil' wayne wears them. Nigga, you are not lil' wayne! You work at fucking burger king, dog! Your paycheck is like 300 every two weeks Lil nigga! So now, you're in the club with your overpriced ugly ass kicks on, and you can't even buy a fucking drink, lil' nigga! I miss the days when real talent ruled, when there weren't a million dirthustlin' wack ass niggas on TV spitting their nursery rhyme raps. Fuck a lil' nigga, I'm a big nigga! The radio stations can suck my dick, because they are part of the reason this hoe shit is being played all god damn day! Do they really think grown people want to hear these bitch made niggas all fuckin' day? The purpose of the radio is to listen to the music of your choice, not to be force fed some shit that you hate! They should just come with a new radio station strictly for garbage ass niggas like wayne, bow wow, soulja boy, and the rest of these no talent havin niggas. That way, all the dumb ass teenagers can listen to that station all day. Oh, I just had to mention this one, has anyone seen the new wack ass bow wow and soulja boy video? That's a prime example of what I mean. Now watch these dumb teenagers go buy the cd, and ride around chanting marco polo, marco polo. Dumb muthafuckas, man. Peace.


Anonymous said...

FUCK THEM LIL' ASS GAY MUTHAFUCKAs...I just saw the video for the first time n' I had to switch to AZ n' NaS just to keep my cool...fuckin' stupid ass gotta pretty good blog although i don't agree with some shit you say,but you still keepin' it real and I can respect sugar coated shit...

Ignorance Inc said...

I feel you, bro, every one has their opinion, and thats good. This is the only way i know, I will keep it real at all costs, cuz other cats don't. Thanks for visiting homie, keep it real, spread the word.

onthestrenff said...

you's a funny ass m*f*ah man.. i'm feelin like 95% of your shit on here. you cuttin thru the bulls*it and exposin' the weak and fake for what they really are. stay sharp, man. oh, and instead of the cop-out line "it aint trickin if you got it," how bout this: "it aint hatin' if you WACK"

Ignorance Inc said...

thats a good one bro, keep fuckin wit ya mans

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